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    Concrete Porch

    Concrete Porch CincinnatiThe porch is one of the first things people see when they come to your home. In fact, everyone who enters your house will have to access your concrete porch first. For this reason, you will definitely want a concrete porch that looks good and is durable enough to accommodate the traffic.

    There are many great features that concrete has which make it a very appropriate material for building a concrete porch.

    Easy to maintain - A concrete porch only needs to be resealed every few years. Other than that, a broom and a hose will keep your porch looking great. But be sure to take care of any and all cracks as soon as you notice them.

    Highly durable - Since your porch is at the entrance of your house, it is a high traffic area. With that traffic will come scuff marks from shoes, muddy footprints and water front various sources. Our concrete porches can stand up to this rough treatment while still retaining their beautiful finishes.

    Highly resistant - Fire is a major concern when it comes to the safety of your home. Since concrete is not flammable, a porch made of concrete will not pose a fire risk. There are lots of hungry pests out there such as termites who love to feast on parts of your home. Though concrete is made of natural materials, it is not appealing to insects and other destructive pests. Unlike some of the other building materials, concrete is not susceptible to rotting.

    Highly customizable - Since your porch plays a major role in the first impression people get of your home, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing. You will also want it to match or complement your home while reflecting your own personal style. This is when the ability to customize becomes very advantageous.

    Long-lasting - When installed correctly, a concrete porch will only need to be installed once in your lifetime.

    People often use their porches for both entertaining and relaxing. If this is the case for your home, you may want to have a larger porch installed so that you will have room for furniture and for people to move around. Or you may want a smaller concrete porch for a cozier feeling.

    The Process

    We can handle your porch project from start to finish, including the demolition of your current porch if necessary. After hauling away the debris we will begin site prep which may involve some excavation. When the sub-grading has been done, we will build the forms which will mold the shape of your new porch. If you prefer your concrete to be a color other than the natural gray, we can add pre-stain to the mix so that the color will be actually in the concrete rather than just on the surface.

    Concrete InstallOnce your porch has been poured, this is where your finishing options come in. You may prefer to leave it its natural gray color with a rough finish. A rough finish is when a broom is brushed across the surface of the still-damp concrete giving it a sand-like finish. You also have the option for a smooth surface. This can be achieved by using a smoothing float which will remove the texture leaving you with a shiny surface.

    We have a collection of stamping molds that will allow your concrete to take on a variety of different looks. You can give it the same texture as your home or make the concrete resemble wood, cobblestone, brick, slate and a number of other building materials.

    Once all stamping, coloring and stains have been applied, we will let the concrete cure and then, it will be sealed.

    With our 60 years of combined experience, we have built many beautiful, durable porches. We have no doubt we will be able to build you the porch you’ve always dreamed of. We offer high-quality work at very affordable prices. We even give discounts to senior citizens and military personnel to show our respect and appreciation. However, all of our customers who sign a contract with us within 7 days of their free estimate will receive a 3% discount.

    We are so confident in our work that we warranty it for 1 year. With a service agreement, we warranty for 10 years. So give us a call for all your concrete porch needs, and you will see why we have so many satisfied customers.

    We provide concrete porch in Cincinnati, West Chester, Anderson OH and all surrounding areas.