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    Concrete Slab

    Concrete slab CincinnatiConcrete slab is an integral part of the home construction process, as it provides a stable base for the home to be built upon. Without a concrete slab, it would be much more difficult for builders to construct a level, perpendicular home. We will pour a structurally sound concrete slab that will get your home off to a strong start.

    Affordability - Low cost is one of the top advantages concrete slabs have to offer. One reason that slabs are so affordable is that the construction materials are inexpensive. When it comes to the construction process, concrete slabs do not need feet or a foundation wall, and they do not require much excavation. Eliminating these steps shortens construction time. The less time construction takes, the less money you will spend on labor.

    Stability - A concrete slab that is constructed and poured correctly is of great benefit to builders. It gives them a level surface to build on, which in turn makes it easier to construct a building that is level and perpendicular.

    Safety - Concrete slabs are naturally non-combustible. When properly sealed they can serve a barrier that intercepts radon gas before it can make its way into your house.

    Insulation- Concrete slabs are very beneficial, especially in those hot summer months. The concrete slab will absorb the heat from the atmosphere if the temperature around the slab is warmer than the slab itself. When the temperature around the slab is colder, the slab will release the heat it absorbed into surrounding areas, including your house.

    Strength - Concrete is a very strong building material to begin with. However, it can be further fortified by adding fiber reinforcements or a steel mesh. We use a standard concrete strength of 4500 psi.

    The three main types of slabs are waffle raft, stiffened raft and pier and slab. We will help you determine which type of slab best meets the needs of you project.

    Stiffened raft – This type of slab is the simplest and the easiest to construct which is part of the reason it is the most common. The entire slab is poured all at one time and it is supported with internal beams and a concrete edge.

    Waffle raft – These slabs are formed by grid stiffening ribs which are locked in place to ensure that they do not move during the pouring of the concrete. The slab is not embedded into the ground but rather sits on top of it.

    Pier and slab – For this slab method, the concrete is poured on top of a pier grid which has been embedded into the soil. The concrete connects the piers. The size of the piers and the depth at which they are embedded depends on what type of soil is onsite.

    Slab InstallationThe structural soundness and integrity of your home is heavily dependent on the quality of the concrete slab it sits on. If the concrete slab isn't right, the building on top of it won't be right either. Therefore it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to get the job done correctly and up to code. Here are some common problems that may arise when homeowners install their own slabs.

    Flaking - If the concrete is not mixed for the right amount of time and the amount of the water and minerals are out of proportions, the surface of the concrete can start to flake off. We remedy this problem by first mixing the concrete properly. Then we remove any extra water that rises to the top while the concrete is drying.

    Warping – The slab may suffer warping if the wet concrete is poured onto a ground that was not sufficiently compacted.

    Moisture problems – Some moisture may accumulate under your slab. To prevent damage, we install a plastic layer between the ground and the slab. Moisture accumulation can also be a result of too much water in the concrete mix.

    Concrete slabs are far too important to be left to amateurs. Cincinnati Concrete Service has been doing this type of work for a combined 60 years. We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and our clients have given us a grade of A on Angie's List. Call us today, and we will come out to your home to consult with you and offer a free estimate. For a quality job done right the first time, call Cincinnati Concrete Service.