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    Concrete Steps

    Concrete Steps CincinnatiConcrete steps can be used in a variety of settings. There can be many of them to make it easier for us to climb a hill. Or there may just be two or three to get us to our front door or keep us from having to jump up on our porches. However steps should do more than just get us from point A to point B steps. They should also be safe, durable and add visual appeal to the property.


    Concrete steps have some inherent benefits over other kinds of steps. Concrete is made of natural materials which are non-combustible. They can be installed in any climate and are able to withstand rain, snow, hail and strong wind. Concrete steps do not rot or attract destructive pests. If they are installed right, they will last a long time.

    Concrete steps are broken down into two main categories:

    Poured steps - From mixing to pouring, 100 percent of the construction process for poured concrete steps takes place onsite. The advantage of poured steps is that transporting the concrete mixture is easier than completed steps. Because wet concrete takes on the shape of the form it is poured into, you won’t have to worry about if the steps will fit into the allotted space. Also, wet concrete is still fully customizable. We can use concrete stamps to apply textures and patterns and stains to add color.

    Precast steps - All the measuring and design is done beforehand. Only the installation occurs onsite. Since hardened concrete is quite heavy, a crane or some other piece of heavy machinery will be necessary to put the stairs in place. Once the steps have been properly positioned, wet concrete is used to secure them in place. The advantage of precast steps is that they are already hardened and dried so you know exactly what they are going to look like. They are also ready for use sooner than poured steps.

    You don't have to restrict yourself to the standard types of steps. In addition to numerous options for the surface of the concrete, the steps can be made in a number of different shapes and configurations. They can be long enough to wrap around your porch. They can be curved inward or outward. You could also have it so that the bottom step is the longest and the rest get progressively shorter as you go up. There are plenty of options to enable you to find the one that best suits your property.

    Durable Concrete


    Unfortunately, steps are the place where falling accidents can easily happen. Therefore, it is important that steps be safe above all other things. This is one of the main reasons why you should look to a professional to install your concrete steps even if you only need one or two.

    A professional will know the best height and depth for the steps to reduce the likelihood of accidents. If the steps are too short, they become a tripping hazard. If they are too tall, people may lose their balance while stepping up or down. Also, tall steps are especially difficult for children and the elderly to navigate. The height of the steps should be consistent. If the first step is eight inches high, the rest should be, too. Depending on the number of steps you have and where they are located, you may want to consider having a handrail for added safety.


    It is not necessary to seal concrete steps, but it is recommended. Sealant keeps oil and grease from sinking into the concrete’s porous surface which could create a safety hazard. You can choose a clear sealant or you can even use paint or stains as a sealant.

    It is also suggested that steps be sealed in cold climates where they would be subject to freezing and thawing. Concrete absorbs some moisture into its pores. If the temperature drops and the water freezes, it will expand and causes cracks and breaks in your concrete. This is also a good reason to patch up cracks as soon as possible.

    At Cincinnati Concrete Service, all of our work is under warranty for a full year. With the signing of a service agreement, we will extend that warranty up to 10 years. We offer a 3% discount to all of our clients who sign on with us less than 7 days after we give our free estimate. We also honor seniors and those who serve in our military with a 5% discount.

    We provide concrete steps in Cincinnati, West Chester, Anderson OH and all surrounding areas.