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    Patio Concrete

    Patio Concrete CincinnatiPatio concrete offer a great deal of benefits not only for your home but for your lifestyle. Most homeowners who add a patio to their homes see a boost in the resale value of their property and are able to recoup most, if not all, of their investment. Patios can accommodate a variety of atmospheres ranging from relaxing after a long day at work, to hosting birthday parties for the kids to entertaining your own friends. We can construct a beautiful, durable patio to complement the way you live.

    If you are thinking of adding a patio to your home, there are many good reasons to choose concrete as the building material for you new patio.

    Durability - Concrete is one of the most durable building materials on the market. There are concrete buildings that were constructed over 100 years ago that are not only still standing but still in use. In addition to being able to withstand inclement weather, your patio concrete will never rot or become infested with termites.

    Customizability - After selecting a layout, you still have a multitude of options to customize your new patio concrete and make it your own. We can use patio concrete stamps to emboss and add patterns to the surface of your patio. We can also give it the texture of other popular construction materials. For example, you could have a texture that resembles wood while still benefiting from the durability, affordability and low-maintenance of concrete. We can use stains and coloring methods to make your patio match your overall color scheme and décor. With so many choices, your new patio concrete won’t look anything like your neighbors unless you want it to.

    Low-maintenance – Other than occasional resealing every few years, the only maintenance you will have to do to your concrete patio is sweep it and hose it off. You won’t have to worry about pulling weeds that sprout up between bricks, stones or planks of wood.


    We will start off the installation of your patio by preparing the ground on which it will sit. It is at this stage that we will do excavation, compacting of soil and add base materials, if necessary.

    We will then build a form in which the concrete will be poured to give it the desired shape. If you want the edges of you patio concrete to be level with the ground, we will put the form inside the excavated area so that the top is no higher than the depth of the excavation.

    Custom Color ConcreteOnce the concrete has been mixed to the necessary consistency, we will pour the mixture into the form. Next, we will use a screed to evenly spread and level the wet concrete out. We will add in control joints with the appropriate spacing and depth.

    We can then do any stamping or design work that you would like added to the surface of your pato concrete while it is still in its liquid state. As the concrete cures, we will take care to make sure it does not dry too quickly or unevenly. Once the concrete is fully dried and hardened, we will seal it.

    When properly installed, concrete can last for the duration of your lifetime and the lifespan of your home. So, it is well worth your while to hire a professional to get the job done right so that it will only have to be done one time. A professional will not only make sure your patio is built correctly, they can help you design it and make it aesthetically pleasing by letting you know what options are out there.

    Your patio will be in capable and experienced hands at Cincinnati Concrete Service, as we have been doing this type of work for a combined 60 years. The Better Business Bureau and Angie's List both give us the highest ratings possible. Our work is of such high quality that your patio will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Your beautiful new patio is just a phone call away.

    We provide patio concrete in Cincinnati, West Chester, Anderson OH and all surrounding areas.