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    Concrete Driveway

    Concrete Driveway CincinantiA concrete driveway is a not only a great path that connects your home to the street you live on it is also highly durable. Concrete offers durability, longevity, aesthetic appeal and versatility all at an affordable price. It's no wonder concrete is so prevalent as a driveway material.

    A concrete driveway boasts several unique and natural qualities that are important to homeowners.

    Maintenance - Concrete needs to be resealed every few years. Day to day maintenance only requires a broom to sweep away debris and a hose to wash off the dirt.

    Cost-effective - A concrete driveway costs less than some made of other construction materials, but your real savings are due to the long lifespan of concrete. It will never need to be replaced and requires little maintenance.

    Safety - In addition to being naturally resistant to fire, concrete driveways have a surface that makes skidding less likely. One thing many people don’t realize is that concrete actually reflects light which will make it easier to navigate your driveway and property in low light.

    Environmentally-friendly -; Concrete is made from naturally occurring renewable materials.

    Visual appeal - Concrete driveways can be stamped with textures and patterns. We can also use coloring techniques and stains to color the surface. There are enough options to enable to create a driveway that looks like no other.


    We will only excavate to the depth that is necessary to make room for the concrete (usually 4 inches plus 2 inches of base material). Digging too deep will disturb soil that is usually already well compacted, which will put your concrete driveway at risk for settling and cracking.

    Pitch and Grade

    You and your car are not the only ones who use your driveway as a path. Water from rain and other sources will flow down your driveway. Therefore, it needs to be channeled away from your home. Grading, the more common method, is when the driveway is slanted the long way. Pitch is slanting the driveway from one side to the other and is the necessary method if the driveway slopes toward the house instead of way from it. It is best to use one of these two methods to keep water from threatening your property. Adding drains should be a last resort as they can get backed up or fail causing major flooding problems.

    Concrete Company


    The places where your driveway touches your garage, the sidewalk or the street are known as transitions. Transitions need to be smooth in order to avoid tripping accidents and possible damage to vehicles.

    Our concrete driveways are so beautifully done that we know you will take just as much pride in it as the floor inside your home. Here's how to clean up commons stains on your concrete. If you decide to use any strong chemicals, be sure to use goggles and cover your skin.

    Oil and Grease - If the spill is recent, throw some kitty litter on it. The litter will draw the oil out of the concrete before it has a chance to set in. If the stain is older, you might find a degreasing product to be helpful.

    Tire Skid Marks - In most cases, a power wash will get rid of tire marks. If power washing doesn't work, try brake cleaner from your local auto parts store.

    Rust – Oxalic acid is the best way to remove rust stains from your driveway.

    Mildew - Mildew in easily removed with the spray of a pressure washer.

    Cincinnati Concrete Services has been in business for 18 years. We have made customers happy by providing them with a driveway that is not only well built but pleasing to the eye. Our high quality work has enabled us to receive A's from the Better Business Bureau as well as Angie's List. Your new driveway is covered under warranty for a whole year. If you agree to allow us to maintain it, we can extend that warranty for an additional 9 years. We are bonded, licensed and fully insured for your protection. Military personnel and senior citizens receive a 5% discount. If you're ready for the driveway of your dreams call Cincinnati Concrete Service today.

    We provide concrete driveway in Cincinnati, West Chester, Anderson OH and all surrounding areas.