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    Driveway Installation

    Driveway Installation CincinnatiOur driveways are our own little private roads that lead to our houses. Without them, we would have to deal with tire tracks in our lawns and being stuck in the mud whenever it rained. The durability and other inherent qualities of concrete make it a great material for driveway installation. Whether you are building a brand new home or just replacing worn out driveway, Cincinnati Concrete Service is the one to call for driveway installation.

    Base or No Base?

    A concrete driveway installation should only be poured on solid, stable ground in order to prolong its lifespan and reduce the necessity for repairs. It may be necessary to do some excavation and add base material in order to stabilize the soil so it can properly support the driveway installation. The type of soil you have on your property and whether bases are generally necessary in the area where you live will help us determine if your driveway installation will require a base.


    Proper drainage is crucial to keeping your driveway from failing. Grading encourages water to flow away from your house toward a storm drain or reservoir. Without grading, rainwater may run down your driveway into your garage or the water may just accumulate on the surface of the driveway which can eventually cause failure. Grading does not only have to be from head to foot. It can also be graded so that water runs off one side. The slant is not drastic enough to make it obvious to the eye.

    If your driveway slopes toward your house, we can employ certain techniques, such as installing a swale, which will compensate for the slope and channel water away from your home.

    Concrete Driveway Installation

    Thickness and Strength

    The amount of thickness that is necessary for your driveway installation depends on a few details.

    The soils on which the driveway will be installed

    Industry standards and regulations in the area where you live

    The types of vehicles that will frequent your driveway

    Most residential driveways will only be used by typical passenger vehicles. On average, this only requires a strength of 2500 pounds per square inch (psi). However, our standard weight is 4500 psi. Even with this extra strength, it is suggested that if delivery trucks or large vehicles frequently visit your home, they should avoid using your driveway. This will help ensure that your driveway installation has the longest life possible.


    When speaking of driveways, the term transition refers to the place where your driveway ends and the next surface begins. Most driveways have at lease two transitions. One will lead to your garage and the other will meet up with the sidewalk or the street.

    We will ensure that the street transition is as smooth and level as possible in order to avoid damage to the bumper and undercarriage of your vehicle when entering and exiting the driveway. We will also make sure the garage transition does not create a hazard for tripping and falling. There should not be a large gap between where the driveway ends and the garage floor begins either as this could give water a place to pool and cause problems.

    WidthMaking sure the driveway is of adequate width is very important when it comes to prolonging the life of you driveway. Usually driveways are between 10 and 12 feet wide. However, your driveway is not required to be of any particular width other than wide enough for vehicles to avoid driving off the edge. When vehicles go off the edge of the concrete, it breaks the edges off. These breaks are not repairable and though they can be patched, it is not a permanent solution.

    Cincinnati Concrete Solutions can pour a beautiful driveway for you that will cost less than pavers and last much longer. We have a 1-year warranty, but with a service agreement will warranty our work for 10 whole years! Our work is of the highest quality. It’s no wonder we are A rated with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s list. In West Chester, call us today to get your free estimate.

    We provide driveway installation in Cincinnati, West Chester, Anderson OH and all surrounding areas.